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You hate to love me... [entries|friends|calendar]
Rain Hoffstetter

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entry #4 [08 Nov 2004|05:42pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Wow, I didn't even know how much I liked Nate until we sort of hooked up at Georgie and my Halloween party... he kissed me, and after that we were making out and dancing, and it was so fucking perfect.  Him and Blair are over... I think she wants him back, but she fucking cheated on him, and I don't think he's gonna take that.  Blair's a bitch, but so am I, and because of that we halfways get along.  Kind of a love/hate thing going on there.  She said she's going to throw a party tho, which'll have to be good.

Georgie and I are still hanging out all the time... she's the first actual friend I've had since like fifth grade.  And there's a new girl, Taylor, Nate's cousin, who seems cool. 

Haven't seen much of Flow lately since we made out in the park.  He was kinda a no-show at the party, which sucks.  He would have taken my mind off Nate.  I guess I'll just have to find him.

Kisses, R

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entry #3 [23 Oct 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Flow is sexy, sexy.  And he's a famous rock star, which has it's ups and downs, of course.  But he's fun and distracting.  I'm over the Hayden thing, and if Blair wants to cheat on Nate with him, it's not my problem.  Nate soo deserves better though, he's hot, funny, sweet... and the sexiest stoner around, obviously.  So Flow is apparently having a party, which has to be crazy.

Halloween is almost here, and Georgie and I are meeting up to plan our party... I haven't seen her in like forever, we're so alike, it's amazing.  Her and Kati are gonna be roomies, which kinda makes me out of it - fucking sucks, but I'll probably hang out with them too.  Okay, I know I said I was gonna keep my costume secret, but I can't resist showing it off!

sexy sexy devilCollapse )

But of course, I'd look hot not matter what I wore ;)

Kisses, R ♥

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entry # 2 [14 Oct 2004|10:47pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

So it gets better and better... Hayden's been AWOL, but who the fuck cares, if he's gonna screw Blair (I can totally tell they did it) then who the hell needs him?  Yeah, I still like him a little, but there's gonna be some sucking up if he wants us to be a thing.  We were never really together, so he doesn't have anything to apologize for.  Innocent flirting is not going out.  Speaking of innocent flirting, me and Nate are getting a lot closer, he's a sexy sweetheart.  Still a pothead, but whatever.  I like weed occasionally.

Georgie and I are having a Halloween party, it's gonna be fucking amazing.  Nate said he was having something too, so we better get the whole thing cleared up.  Fuck, I'm just so pissed off at Blair.  Next time I see her, I'm soo bitching her out.

Kisses, R

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entry #1 [09 Oct 2004|03:53pm]

I really have no fucking clue what's going on with me and Hayden.  I thought he liked me, but he so completely likes Blair, which fucking blows.  Guys only like me because I'm goddamn hot.  Which is fine and all, but maybe, just maybe, I want to settle down.  Kati and I are friends again, though, which is pretty cool, we usually have crazy good fun.  Nate was being such a sweetie!  I've never seen him so crazy, we need to booze him up more often!  I feel sorry for Kati about Sky, but I still like him and Georgie as a couple.

FUCK!  I hate her for stealing away the one guy I thought mayybbee I could have an actual relationship with.  She already has Nate, who kinda rejected me, but in a totally sweet and loyal-to-Blair way.  So why does she need Hayden?  Argh.  I'm so frusterated.

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oo2 [05 Oct 2004|07:08pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

::Rain snuck into her apartment at 10 in the morning the next day, and stopped when her mom shrieked, "RAIN!"::

"Mumsy, darling.  Just got in some early morning shopping..."

Fakest lie in the world, and one of the most obvious.. I'm too fucking tired to be creative.

"Likely story.  How did I raise such a... wild girl?  Such a snob?"  Her mom sighed.  She was one of those people who lived with money and pretended they didn't need it to be happy.

"You can say bitch, mom."

"Stop it!  You're scaring me, Rain.  You bring home decent grades, but you're drunk or high on some drug every night... You have one-night flings with random boys... I don't know what to do with you!"

"Your point?  What girl in the Upper East Side doesn't?  Don't be naive, mother.  I'm going upstairs."

::She rolled her eyes.  Her mother was such a loser.  She liked her life, thank you very much.  Rain trudged upstairs and turned on her computer.::

---Fucking amazing party last night!  Hooked up with a few worthy guys, didn't catch any of their names... went a little crazy with Georgie and Kati.  Georgie's awesome, we're actually alike.  Blair and I totally bitched on that annoying blonde movie star, fuck, what was her name?  Cameron something.  Whatev.  I don't watch movies.  I have my own Hollywood right here!  Mom was getting uber-bitchy at me today, I don't know what the fuck is up her ass but she thinks I'm too "wild".  Going to Kati's for a little hot tub thing, hopefully some eligible guys will be there.  Maybe I'm ready to settle down, maybe not.  Georgie is, tho.  She met this Sky guy, pretty hot, they're very cute together.  If Kati doesn't steal him.  Kati's really fun, but I actually think of Georgie as a friend.  Anyway, I'm fucking exhausted.  Kisses, Rain.---

::She knew the entry was flip and impersonal, but that's who she was.  She didn't like being all serious and deep.  Rain lay down on her canopy and closed her eyes.  Time for a little nap... after she'd go find something hot to wear... nothing for any special occasion, just to look hot...::  

party up

oo1 [23 Sep 2004|07:23pm]

::Rain staggered into her bedroom at 2 am after a long night of drinking, pot, and dancing.::

"Fuck I'm tired," she said to herself. 

::She couldn't exactly remember who she had talked to or what she had done, but she knew it had been a blast.  She lay down on her bed, still wearing her strapless black Gucci dress, and sighed.::

I'm so fucked up.  Someday my teeth are going to rot and I'm going to die of liver posioning.

::She pushed the morbid paranoia out of her mind, and focused her thoughts on Jake, the incredibly sexy guy she had danced with at least seven times, moving and grinding."

Did I give him my number?  Probabaly not.

::She wasn't so exhausted anymore, so she logged onto her Livejournal::

---Party at Carmen's tonight, hooked up with a guy named Jake, very hot.  I have a fucking AP English test tomorrow, I don't know why the hell I took that course 'cause I can't write worth a damn.  Blair, Kati, Fi and I went to Barney's this aft., got this totally hot dress... I'll probably wear it to the next party, knowing NYC, probably'll be in like three days.  I'm so depressed that summer's over!  No more skimpy bikinis, beach hookups, summer parties.. but who knows what this year will bring.---

::She slipped into her silky red teddy and lay on her bed, watching old Sex & the City episodes.  Sleep could wait.::

party up

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